Why EVERY Amazon Seller NEEDS This! An Honest Review of Outsource School​

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  • Work ON your business, not IN your business
  • How to effectively hire, onboard, and work with virtual staff

Most people would say that money and capital are two of the essential things an Amazon seller needs. This can be true at a certain level because this will help you guide your business off to a great start. 


However, most people do not realize how all the money in the world can be useless and can provide no value. Money and capital can only be used to your advantage if you have the time to make it work for you and the growth of your business.


Maximizing your resources by efficiently utilizing them can be done successfully with outsourcing. This can help you by making you place your money on the right investments and give you returns that are more than a couple of folds.

How to Grow and Scale Your Amazon Business By Hiring The Right Staff

1. Understand that time is your biggest asset

The first and most important thing to remember on the list is how you should consider time as your biggest asset. Time is a very valuable tool you can use to foster the growth of your business. 


But despite knowing this fact, the next dilemma you will face is how to optimize your time. When you put all the things you will be doing for a day in a list, you may feel overwhelmed. 

With only an average of 12 hours a day to run the business, entrepreneurs face a constant battle of merely surviving instead of growing. This stretch of time is spent in the business, instead of being on it. 


You must learn how to use this good amount of time by maximizing it and completing everything that needs to be done. As long as nothing goes wrong within that 12 hours' worth of time for work, it is possible to check everything off the list you created.

"Time is a very valuable tool you can use to foster the growth of your business."

2. Learn how to effectively hire, onboard, and retain virtual staff through Outsource School

When you have the right people in your team, including an assistant that will check everything for you, delays will be avoided, and productivity will be improved. When you do not have any of these, you can try outsourcing other people.


Outsource School is an excellent platform that can help you get someone that will lighten your workload. These people will ease the burden you carry by assisting you in getting the most of what you have with you.


The platform helps its users walk through with tons of videos on their site. This works best mainly for those who find it hard to recall a video a short while after watching it.


With Outsource School, users can have access to the cheat sheets they provide. You can simply download these copies and go through them daily, so you do not forget all the essential details.

3. The onboarding process made more accessible

Outsource School makes sure that you hire the right people to help you in your business. With their CARE System, you can interview prospects with a list of questions you can access for your reference. 


The list also comes with a corresponding answer you want to hear from them displayed beside the questions. What makes Outsource School an even better platform is that it enables the users to prepare all items with specific criteria themselves.


The users themselves will create the criteria that they will be setting. Each question may have the criteria of either a "fail" or a "pass," which will be tallied and recorded at the bottom section of the cheat sheet.


With the score after conducting the interview, you can begin to assess them and see whether or not they qualify for the position. A round two will follow after you finally find someone that fits the criteria that will consist of questions still found on the cheat sheet.


At the end of the second interview, you will have the final decision whether to hire or eliminate them from the list. Remember that although this is already the second phase, which means interviewees are most likely to get hired, the rating will say otherwise, which can affect your decision.

4. Work smart, not hard

With outsourcing, you can save a considerable amount of time and trim down your working hours. Personally, I went from 12 hours a day to as low as 5 hours when you allow yourself to outsource outside your circle.


This will mean you have more hours to work on projects that move the needle for your business. The 7 hours I saved from the normal daily operations will leaves more room for me do other things that can increase your efficiency in the business.


Saving 7 hours a day will be an additional 106 working days a year. You can only imagine what you can accomplish with all the extra time you have for you to create more opportunities.

"This will mean you have more hours to work on projects that move the needle for your business"

Paul Harvey

Long time Amazon seller, speaker, consultant and co-owner of Seller Chatbot. 

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