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Seller Chatbot helps you create Facebook Messenger bots for marketing, sales and customer service. Chatbots can help you with product launches, reviews, ranking, interacting with your customers on a 1:1 level and so much more...


We are a Messenger chatbot platform that allows you to send messages, broadcasts, embed chat widgets, etc much like every other platform. However we offer a range of features that are not found on anywhere else and catere for the eCommerce seller

  • Send coupon codes with ease

    Simply upload your coupon codes to Seller Chatbot and it will send out the codes. No need for Zapier or Google Sheets

  • Rebates like a boss

    Rebates are one of the most effective methods for ranking. When using rebates with chatbots, setup your campaigns in minutes. We have automatic fraud detec-tion already setup.... couldn't be easier.

  • Create chatflows in minutes

    Use our highly converting templates and create optimised bot flows in minutes. These templates cover product launches, pre-launches, review acquisition, 'search and buy' strategies and so much more

  • Use our templates or create your own

    Use our templates and get going in minutes or create your own.

  • Gamification

    Build a legion of die-hard customers whilst by rewarding them whenever they share your deals. Grow your subscriber list exponentially on auto-pilot using our gamifica-tion features such as "Wheel of Fortune", "Mystery Discount", etc

  • Seamlessly Integrates with other chatbots

    All of out features can be used in Manychat. These features will complement your Manychat flows and strategies to make them that much more effective.

Satisfied Customers

  • Ben Leonard

    7 figure seller

SellerChatBot is an absolute game changer. It's a really easy tool and even a techo-idiot like me can do it! The included templates are gold, and combine with

  • Yousaf Sekander

    7 figure seller

If you are serious about sending high-value traffic to your Amazon products then Seller Chatbot is the answer. The team have been instrumental in helping me setup the flows and strategies.

  • Ben Leonard

    7 Figure seller and host of the "Women on Amazon" podcast

Seller Chatbot has been integral to my Amazon business. It is super easy to use for product promotions using unique coupon codes, ranking promos and review follow ups.



How to setup a chatbot

in under 5 minutes...

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Rebates Couldn't Be Easier

Rebates, reviews, ranking..... it's all here

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  • Anti Fraud detection, Seller Chatbot allows rebates customer to either submit their Order ID or a screenshot of their proof of purchase

  • Order Verification, connect Parsimony to automatically verify the rebates..... Oh and Parsimony is FREE for Seller Chatbot customers.

  • Setup in minutes, use our optimised templates or create your own.

  • Manage rebates like a BOSS, with our "Rebate Management" feature you can takes create notes, flag users, set a daily limit, track keyword usage and a whole lot more. We built this platform for rebates

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Is this only for Amazon sellers?

No, not at all. It can be used for any eCommerce seller. However, we are aiming at the Amazon seller market first and then will be offering further integrations with Shopify, eBay, etc

What is the difference between this and other chatbot platforms?

Good question, whilst there are some awesome chatbot platforms out there. None are catered for the Amazon and eCommerce seller. Amazon sellers do not need a compli-cated platform, just streamlined software that is focussed on one thing.... increasing and automating their sales.

Will I be able to port over my subscribers from other platforms?

Yes, you can. However, there are some issues when doing this. Please reach out to my team should you have any questions about this


Every plan comes with a $1 two-week trial.

So you can test out all the features of the software, build your subscribers and then cancel if you are not 100% satisfied.


    Grow your list without paying more


    No limit to your coupons or promotions