The Facebook Messenger Platform for Amazon Sellers

Use Messenger chatbots to grow your customer list, launch your products and explode your sales

What is Seller Chatbot?

Seller Chatbot helps you create Facebook Messenger bots  for marketing, sales and customer service. Chatbots can help you with product launches, reviews, ranking, interacting with your customers on a 1:1 level and so much more......

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Product Launches With Ease

No need for landing pages, websites, email autoresponders, etc. Create optimised campaigns and product launches in just a few minutes. 

Build a LEGION of customers

Messenger is here to stay and with an effective 90% average open rate, you can be sure your customers will see your promotions and share it as well

Reviews, reviews and more reviews

Chat directly to your customers to get reviews, feedback and even recommendations on your next products. 


Your customers will love your products almost as much they will love your marketing.

See it in action......


Are you in beta right now?

If you are in beta, will there be bugs?

Is this only for Amazon sellers?

What is the difference between this and other chatbot platforms?

Will I be able to port over my subscribers from other platforms?


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